Plane Pat

MQ Holdings acquires Plane Pat, investing in local adventures and experiences

MQ Holdings, LLC is announcing an acquisition of Plane Pat, a brand that  inspires people to seek connectedness and self-reflection in their lives..

MQ Holdings and Plane Pat have a long history together. Inspired by early designs from his friend Kevin Garcia, Patricio Quezada, Co-Founder of MQ Holdings, wanted to design his own products and apparel that inspire people to travel. Since 2010, Plane Pat has released five (5) different designs. All were limited release in Silver Spring, Maryland. Now in 2019, Plane Pat partners with local designers such as Daniel “Chang” Chandavong of Hungry Hearts to create more products and apparel.

MQ Holdings wants to build a better Montgomery County and Plane Pat is apart of that vision. Today, Plane Pat is sharing content and building products and apparel that inspires adventures and experiences in Montgomery County. MQ Holdings is dedicated to continue Plane Pat’s work and to leave Montgomery County better than we found it.

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MQ Reports Second Quarter Progress Report

It has been a very exciting quarter for us at MQ Holdings. Our accomplishments, goals, and roadblocks in the last quarter can be found below:


  • Launched our website
  • Incorporated our business through
  • Received an EIN from the IRS
  • Joined the BiggerPockets community
  • Penned our first open letter
  • Established our financial parameters and goals for 2019
  • Created a custom pricing sheet tailored towards wholesaling, cash buyers, and sellers
  • Built our company vision through 2028
  • Completed and signed our operating agreement
  • Acquired Plane Pat, a visual arts and travel brand


  • Become active members of Maryland’s Real Estate Investment Clubs
  • Wholesale our first home in Montgomery County
  • Build a team of local contractors to help manage over 50 single-family homes
  • Continue to educate ourselves in the ever-changing real estate industry


  • Locating single-family homes in Montgomery County online. We have a relationship with the county courts, but continue to look for ways to minimize travel to the court offices. We are currently leveraging websites and third-party software to address this problem.
  • Improving our system and internal processes for deal analysis and titling. We would like to move some external processes such as titling in-house but requires time away from the business and funds.

Thank you for taking the time out to read our accomplishments, our goals, and some of our roadblocks. If you ever want to reach out to us, feel free to contact us here.